Medicine is an artistic creation of scientific knowledge gained through careful study & experimentation over centuries and is one of the most valuable tool to save lives, cure diseases, relieve suffering, prevent from diseases, prevent spread of diseases, help people live longer & healthier.  
     Medicine has made tremendous progress in the 20th century. Information provided in this museum are on medicines, drugs & substances
which were in use during late 19th & early 20th century; the most important period for basic advancement of modern medicine, manufactured by nearly 148 manufacturers around the globe, in collection with a pharmacy established in 1912.
     These medicines, drugs & substances has great importance in respect of their invention, antiquity, contents, composition, presentation, indications, drug delivery system, place of origin, quality & perfection, packing material used, sealing of pack, printing of label & product insert and so on…

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     The contents of the site help to understand the medication during most important period for basic advancement in the field of medicine & scientific research better.

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Certainly what we see today has the roots in past
So dig into past, start exploring
The medicines, drugs & substances displayed in the museum are neither for sale nor of any use in modern times.
Displayed for information & archeological investigation.